Attracting a man is not rocket science. Attracting the RIGHT one however can be a little trickier. 
1. Be a Piggy for Your Pleasure 

Men consistently confide what attracts them to a woman is her ability to receive pleasurable experiences. Sadly, most modern women have taken ON doing so much, they're unhappy and burnt out- unwittingly repelling potential mates. If this is you, create some down time this weekend and make a list of what clearly brings you joy AND what no longer brings you joy in your life. Proceed to Step 2. 

2. Create Your Want List and Publish It 

After assessing your list, see what you're willing to delete for good and send it on its merry way. Then, all that you still want to have, but don't necessarily have a desire to produce for yourself anymore, goes on your Want List. On a fresh page, write at the top: (Your Name) _______'s Want List and list out all the things you would love to have, but don't want to produce for yourself. Then, Post it on your fridge (not stuffed in a drawer!) Proceed to Step 3. 

3. Ask and You WILL Receive

If you really want to show the Universe you mean business, take ONE item from your Want List and ask a man in your life (neighbor/friend/family member) to produce it for you. Maybe you need a toaster fixed, your walk shoveled or you want a male with you to shop for a new car. Whatever it is, pick a guy you feel comfortable asking and go for it! 

This exercise serves 2 purposes. First, eliminating aspects of your life that no longer bring you joy will create space for something better to come in (like a man!) Secondly, getting in the habit of asking men to do things for you instantly activates the energy of RECEIVING - behavior that is very attractive to men. 

Continue to take at least one item from your list every week and assign it to a man in your life. Why do I want you to post it on your fridge? You never know who will be coming over who will want to produce something for you! 

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