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Read below to learn about breads that flatten your belly and others that bulge your belly. Enjoy! 
  1. The Mission 96% Fat Free Flour Tortillas® contain hydrogenated oils/trans fats. (Which is a terrible fat that not only adds belly fat but also can damage your health.
  2. Sara Lee Soft and Smooth Honey 100% Whole Wheat Bread® contains high fructose corn syrup—which make you more hungry!
  3. Wonder’s Original English Muffins®  come from “fast absorbing” refined wheat flour and contain high fructose corn syrup.

Compared to the last photo, these bread products are much better because they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup or trans fats and they’re higher in fiber. Higher fiber foods helps you get rid of that toxic waste from your digestive system from years of eating the wrong foods.

When choosing healthier breads look for 100% whole grain (or sprouted grain) on your labels as a good start. Then make sure there is no HFCS or hydrogenated oils in the bread.

Source: Belly Fat Free by Coach Josh

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