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While Joel's new system is all about how to lose fat FAST(up to 25 pounds
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Instead, it's a highly strategic system that incorporates some rather
advanced strategies like cheat days, fast days, and depletion days
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To say this a different way, every day of the program you eat a different
amount of certain foods. Example, on every 5th day you eat whatever
you want. These added calories “trick” your body into increasing its
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7 specific foods


7 specific foods that will also help you control your cravings. (And then at the end of this article I have a surprising cravings buster for you to try.)

This is important because, let’s face it, you will NEVER be able to stick to any eating program if cravings are driving you CRAZY. Here are my top food choices:

#1 Avocados

Yup, that’s right, a fatty food. But this fat is a good fat and these are loaded with two vital nutrients that will quickly kill belly fat: fiber and monounsaturated fats. These little suckers keep you full for hours.

#2 Nut Butters

Peanut butter and almond butter are loaded with monounsatured fats that can stave off hunger and provide valuable nutrition. Just be sure that it’s natural nut butter because the regular grocery store versions are filled with sugar and trans fats.

#3 Eggs

Need a quick breakfast solution? Look no further than to eggs. Loaded with protein, vitamin B6, V12, A, D, E, and K, as well as folate, choline, lutein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids, you simply cannot go wrong. Choose free range chickens whenever possible and the nutritional benefits will be amplified.

#4 Dark Chocolate

More good news. That chocolate craving that you have, it too can be satisfied. Dark chocolate is actually a powerful source of antioxidants and it contains a natural “fat burner” called theobromine that will increase the rate of fat burning that takes place in the body. Stick to a few squares after a healthy meal to crush those chocolate cravings.

#5 Oatmeal

Another great breakfast food you can’t go wrong with. If you want to cure the mid-morning craving attack, start your day off with oats. Oats are a very good source of wholesome fiber and contain no sugar at all so they will keep your blood sugar levels on a nice even keel.

Mix in a little cinnamon for further blood sugar control support and to reduce belly fat and you’ve got a perfect way to start your day.

#6 Berries

Black berries and raspberries provide a great way to settle down sugar cravings. What’s more, their high fiber content keeps you feeling full while the antioxidants and vitamins improve your health.

#7 Wild Salmon

Last but not least, don’t forget about salmon. Another food that’s jam packed with protein and healthy omega fatty acids and that will help squash those cravings and keep your blood sugar balance in check. Eat this in the evening with some wholesome vegetables and you can kiss your cravings good bye for the night.

That’s 7 foods right there, but don’t forget about veggies and beans. Both are backed with nutrition and fiber to keep you full and satisfied.

Eating more of these foods during your day will help eliminate cravings, but if you want an ever faster and easier way to crush cravings and fight fat, then do this…

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Hope you enjoyed these tips!

Coach Josh

P.S. Is “fruit juice” bad for your belly? Not this one… (you will see what I mean)

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  1. The first thing that may strike you as strange in this photo is the Slim Fast drink mix. You may be wondering why this Slim Fast product is along with the other “bad snacks.” Well, if you look at the ingredients the very first ingredient in this product is sugar! In fact, this “weight loss drink” has 10g of sugar, just 2g of protein and is stuffed full of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and very questionable ingredients if you are interested in losing belly fat.
  2. The next thing I would like to point out is the Weight Watchers chocolate chip soft cookies. Their first ingredient is enriched wheat flour, and the second ingredient is sugar, but this supposed “health product” also contains partially hydrogenated oils/trans fats which research has shown has all sorts of negative effects in the body, including increasing the risks for certain cancers.
  3. Betty Crocker’s Fruit Roll-Up product is a hoot. Many parents across America are giving this product to their children thinking that because it has the word fruit in the name of the product it is healthy, but it’s not. This product contains 7g of sugar per roll, but even worse is that it contains partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrup and a lot of food dyes. You would be way better off providing fresh fruit to your child instead of one of these “belly fat bulgers.”
  4. Hunt’s Sugar Free Gelatin may sound great because it is low in sugar, but it contains artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils (trans fats).
  5. Ritz Crackers contain partially hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup and enriched flour which make them a very unhealthy product. Doritos Cool Ranch potato chips contain MSG, which is definitely not at the top of my list of ingredients to get a slim belly.
  6. Special K “candy bars” contain sugar and partially hydrogenated oil as their first two ingredients. And later on down the label, they throw in high fructose corn syrup as a kicker. Stay away from this bar for sure. Not to mention that it has 3.5g of saturated fat. What is ironic is that the Snickers candy bar has almost the same ingredient profile as the Special K protein meal bar.
  7. The Atkins Advantage chocolate peanut butter bar has almost 6g of saturated fat and 12g of fat overall, plus they pack 240 calories in this little bar that won’t satisfy your hunger for long.
  8. Rolo chewy caramel candy contains both high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils (trans fats).
  9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups contain a whopping 13g of fat and 20g of sugar per package.
  10. Snicker’s Marathon Energy Bar contains high fructose corn syrup.
  11. Cool Ranch Doritos are not cool because they have MSG and partially hydrogenated soybean oil (trans fat.)
  12. Each bag of peanut M&M’s contains 25g of sugar! Like most candies, these are not a good choice.
  13. The Snickers candy bar contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil (trans fat) and 20g sugar. 
Source: Belly Fat Free
Another year, another attempt to lose weight? Sounds like it’s time to ditch that old diet and try these top new fat-shifting tips instead 
Once upon a time, staying a healthy weight was easy. It could be summed up by the phrase “calories in equal calories out”. To lose weight you simply had to practise the reverse of home economics – spend more than you earned. Unfortunately for many, but perhaps not surprisingly, it turns out that people are rather more complicated than bank accounts.

A lot of research has gone into unravelling the intricacies of our personal fat accounts – driven by the dream of winning the billion-dollar prize of an effective fat pill. Some of the findings have been, to put it mildly, counter-intuitive. They also suggest whole new ways of dieting.

To stay a healthy weight, you need a hormone called leptin to work properly. It sends “I’m full” messages from the fat cells up to the brain, where they go, among other places, to the same pleasure centres that respond to sex and drugs like cocaine. Obese people produce plenty of leptin, but the brain doesn’t seem to respond to it properly. Last year, researchers at the Oregon Research Institute scanned the brains of overweight people and found their reward circuits were underactive. They were eating more to try to get the enjoyment they were missing. In other words, the study showed that fat people are actually the opposite of greedy – because they get less pleasure from eating than others do.

There’s a lot of evidence for the fact that most, if not all, of us have a set point around which our weight can vary by about seven to nine kilos, but anything beyond that is a real struggle. This goes for naturally thin people trying to gain weight as well. Making changes is hard, particularly if your body is working against you, because – as the leptin example shows – the whole weight control system is intimately interconnected with our pleasure centres.

So if your body is sabotaging your efforts to lose weight, why not ditch the traditional approaches and try some new methods, based on the latest research, that work with your body rather than against it . . .

The eat-every-other-day diet

Of course you can still follow the well trodden route of cutting calories, and by sticking to around 1500 a day you will lose weight. Other upsides are that the kilos will stay off and that you will become very healthy: the risk of all the big killers – heart disease, cancer, diabetes – will plummet, along with that of allergies, asthma and infectious diseases. The downside is that you will be constantly hungry and miserable. But what if you could get all those benefits without being in a permanent state of semi-starvation?

Well, maybe you can. The trick is to try an “alternate-day” diet. Several years ago researchers at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore reported that when they gave rats very little food one day and allowed them to eat plenty the next, they showed virtually all the benefits of a permanent calorie restriction diet. The same goes for humans, according to Dr James Johnson who has set up a website with information on how to do it. (johnsonupdaydowndaydiet.com).

How does it work? Besides forcing the body to burn fat, it may also trigger hormonal changes, such as ramping up the activity of two anti-ageing genes called SIRT3 and SIRT4. Most people say that the diet takes a bit of getting used to, but is not as grinding as trying to cut back on an everyday basis.

Just-published research from the University of Illinois at Chicago of a ten-week trial on obese patients who followed a form of the alternate-day diet revealed a weight loss ranging from four to 13 kilograms, whereas the researchers expected an average of only two kilograms. Blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol were also lowered.

Keep cool

Older dieters may remember some-thing called brown fat. Unlike the undesirable white stuff, this was a dieter’s dream. Instead of storing excess energy as fat, brown-fat tissue burned it off to keep you warm – at least in mice. Brown fat fell out of favour because researchers couldn’t find much in humans but now, thanks to the New England Journal of Medicine, it’s back in fashion. The idea is to expose people to cold temperatures. They then make more brown fat and their weight drops. Women kept at 22˚C used up 27 more grams of body fat a day than those at 27˚C. So turn on the air-con.

Read below to learn about breads that flatten your belly and others that bulge your belly. Enjoy! 
  1. The Mission 96% Fat Free Flour Tortillas® contain hydrogenated oils/trans fats. (Which is a terrible fat that not only adds belly fat but also can damage your health.
  2. Sara Lee Soft and Smooth Honey 100% Whole Wheat Bread® contains high fructose corn syrup—which make you more hungry!
  3. Wonder’s Original English Muffins®  come from “fast absorbing” refined wheat flour and contain high fructose corn syrup.

Compared to the last photo, these bread products are much better because they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup or trans fats and they’re higher in fiber. Higher fiber foods helps you get rid of that toxic waste from your digestive system from years of eating the wrong foods.

When choosing healthier breads look for 100% whole grain (or sprouted grain) on your labels as a good start. Then make sure there is no HFCS or hydrogenated oils in the bread.

Source: Belly Fat Free by Coach Josh
If you're feeling sluggish and want more energy, check out these high energy foods and drink ideas 
Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then. But with so much controversy surrounding the potential health hazards of energy drinks, is caffeine our only relatively safe option? According to a recent article onplanetgreen.com, Mother Nature provides a bevy of hazard-free energy boosters. Here’s a sampling:

1. Kombucha

This fermented tea drink is a relative newcomer to the beverage aisle, but kombucha has actually been around since the era of China’s Qin Dynasty, roughly 250 BC. Essentially black tea blended with enzymes and amino acids, kombucha is hailed for a wide range of health benefits, including restoring energy.

2. Foods High in Iron

Lack of iron in your diet can lead to anemia, which can leave you feeling wiped out. Thanks to Popeye, we all know spinach is chock-full of iron, but there are plenty of other iron-rich foods to choose from. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, tofu, white beans, lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, and even oysters and clams are all great sources of iron you can add to your diet to reach the recommended daily dose of 18 mg.

3. Produce Packed With

Getting enough Vitamin C is not only crucial to staying healthy it’s also key to fending off fatigue. In addition to citrus, fruits and vegetables including kiwi, tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers and Brussels sprouts pack a ton of Vitamin C in small package.

4. PB & Bananas

All fruits contain carbohydrates in the form of natural sugars, which, despite their tarnished reputation, give you energy. The carbohydrates in bananas are easy to digest which means they go to work fast. For a longer-lasting boost, combine bananas with the protein power of peanut butter.

Find more energy-enhancing foods at planetgreen.com.

Source: rdasia.com

Here are a few simple ways to enjoy the sweet treats of the holiday season without overindulging. 
Have an iced cupcake instead of a slice of frosted cake. Calories saved: 100 

Top angel food cake with fruit instead of 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup. Calories saved: 100 

Instead of a cup of eggnog during the holidays, have hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick. Calories saved: 100 

Serve ice cream in a dish instead of a waffle cone. Calories saved: 50. 

Enjoy cake — just scrap off the icing. Calories saved: at least 100. 

Pie? Have a slice of apple lattice instead of a serving of apple crumb. Calories saved: 70. 

hold the ice cream on the pie; opt for a plain piece of fruit pie instead. Calories saved: 75-100. 

When baking, if your recipe calls for 1 cup of sweetened applesauce, use unsweetened instead. Calories saved: 50. 

Share your serving of chocolate cake and buttercream icing with someone special. Calories saved: 115. 

Source: rdasia.com
By Registered Dietitian Laura CaJacob 
While statistics on holiday weight gain are inconsistent, one thing is for sure: the holiday season makes normally healthy habits much more difficult. The mashed potatoes get passed one extra time around the table, and the chocolate peppermint brownies stare at you all day from your desk. More than anything, holiday eating is challenging because we are surrounded by a sea of indulgent dishes.

Just like Coach Josh says on p.164 in his book, Belly Fat Free, “You’re only setting yourself up for failure if you start an eating program that forbids you from ever eating your very favorite foods.” You don’t have to jump off the wagon over the holidays in order to enjoy your favorite foods. There are a variety of recipe substitutions that can keep you on track toward reaching your goals. Rather than skip your favorite dish entirely, why not lighten it up a little?

Before we get started, I must make a few notes as a lover of food, tradition and flavor:

  • I know it can be a sin to alter an all-time favorite family recipe. Leave Aunt Jane’s famous candied yams alone, and try changing some dishes that aren’t the one thing you look forward to in December. Who knows – you may add a new recipe into the regular rotation!
  • Don’t you dare try to eliminate every unhealthy ingredient in a recipe. The intention of modifying a recipe is not to create cardboard. As Coach Josh declares on p.174 of Belly Fat Free, “Remember—love the food you eat or you won’t stay on the program for long!”
Below is a list of five simple ways to adjust some holiday recipes without sacrificing flavor.

1. Substitute unsweetened applesauce for oil.

This works great in baking desserts to lower the fat content. The substitution ratio is 1:1, and the result is a moister, sweeter dish. This even works with boxed mixes.

Note: Do not try this with butter. Chocolate chip cookies turn into chocolate chip pancakes.

2. Increase vegetables.

There are so many dishes that could have more flavor, texture and color by adding some extra veggies. Try using more roasted root vegetables in a stuffing than bread. Throw leeks and mushrooms into a wild rice side dish. Generously add a variety of vegetables, and your belly will thank you.

3. Replace mild cheese with half the amount of strong cheese.

You flat out can’t eat as much blue cheese or parmesan as you can mozzarella or mild cheddar. By using less of stronger cheeses, you can drastically reduce fat and calories while actually increasing flavor. This works great for cheese plates, salads and melting cheese on vegetables.

4. Substitute pureed vegetables for cream.

Zucchini, squash and cauliflower are excellent choices for thickening soups without changing the flavor. Simply peel and roast the veggies then blend until you have a “creamy” puree. Add as a thickener until you get your desired consistency.

Note: Be mindful of the color vegetable you chose as this can really affect the soup’s appearance. We eat with our eyes first, and nobody wants to eat green cream of corn soup.

5. Reduce sugar by 25%.

There is usually so much sugar called for in most recipes that nobody will notice the 25% that goes missing.  If your recipe calls for 1 cup sugar and you use ¾ cup, you cut out 200 calories just like that. Consider this when using syrups, honey, or jams as well.

I challenge you to try some of these recipe modifications. I wouldn’t be surprised if you like the healthier version better than the original.

P.S. I never even considered tip #3 and #4… did you? 

Source: Belly Fat Free by Coach Josh

Most people blame weight gain on the chocolate shakes or burgers they have been eating. And while consuming those foods will undoubtedly add inches to your waistline, new information shows that there may be chemicals within the body that are also to blame.

Obesogens. They are endocrine disruptors and they are natural and man-made chemicals that alter the regulatory system that controls your weight. Obesogens increase the amount of fat cells you have while at the same time decreasing the amount of calories you burn. In addition, they change the way your body manages hunger.

New research studies are being conducted on the effects of obesogens on the body. To understand what obesogens are and how they are making people fat, you first need to know how these chemicals work.

Obesogens interfere with the body’s natural hormones. Hormones are responsible for just about every function in the body, including metabolism and fat burning. Obesogens disrupt hormones by either copying their natural action or by preventing them from functioning properly.

When Obesogens mimic hormones, it can cause an influx of reactions as the body tries to compensate for too much hormone. When Obesogens block hormones form functioning properly, those hormones cannot do their job, which in turn affects systems in the body. Again, this includes metabolism and fat burning.

These chemicals cause the body to store more fat. What’s worse, they can actually alter cells in the body, reprogramming them to become fat cells. Some obesogens interfere with the production of leptin and prevent it from being released into the body. Leptin is the hormone that send the signal to your body that you are full. Without it, you are likely to overeat.

Obesogens can make the liver become resistant to insulin. When this happens, the pancreas go into overdrive trying to produce more insulin. The excess amount of insulin in the body results in energy being converted to fat.

Wonder where these hormone disruptors are hiding? Unfortunately, they are everywhere.


If you’re not eating fresh, whole foods, you’re probably consuming obesogens every day. These hormone-disrupting chemicals can be found in just about every grocery store aisle, thanks to high fructose corn syrup. As you know, this artificial sweetener can be found in everything from drinks and snack foods to breads and condiments. High fructose corn syrup, one of the main sources of Obesogens, is so sweet that it interferes with insulin levels and hunger levels.

This is what happens…..

-Obesogens make the liver resistant to insulin
-The pancreas start making more insulin
-Hunger increases and you eat more
-The excess insulin turns all that extra food into fat

Tap Water

Pesticides affect a lot more than just the insects they are designed to control. These powerful chemicals seep deep down into the soil and remain there for years. As they accumulate, they find their way into our faucets and show up in our drinking water. The main obesogen in tap water is called atrazine. It is a pesticide that is banned in Europe but not in the United States. Atrazine slows thyroid hormone metabolism. Another source for obesogens found in your faucets is called tributylin. This fungicide is used to paint the bottom of boats to prevent fungus growth. When ingested, it stimulates the production of fat cells.

Water Bottles and Cans

Bisphenol-A (BPA) has been shown to increase insulin resistance in animal studies and is most commonly found in the lining of cans and sports water bottles. BPA is a synthetic estrogen that is used to harden plastics. Even though it has been banned from some plastics, such as baby bottles, it is still present in many others.