Today I'm going to teach you guys how to "Create a floating twitter widget for your tumblr" just like mine.
All you have to do is to copy/paste this code:
For CSS: anywhere before the </style>
body #twitter {
       position: fixed;
       float: right;
       top: 75px;
       right: 20px;
Note: Change the float to left and the right to left if you want to see it on the left side e.g. float: left; and left: 20px; Feel free to edit the padding top and right for your satisfaction.
For HTML: inside the <body></body>
<div id="twitter">
This is how it looks like when done:
Here we go,
First log in to Twitter.
Now go here Twitter Widget to get your twitter widget code.
Click "My Website" tab
Choose "Profile Widget".
Enter your twitter Username on "Settings" tab.
Leave the "Preferences" tab.
On "Appearances" edit your best colors for your widget.
On "Dimensions" set your preferred width and height.
Click Finish & Grab Code then copy the code. Replace the <YOUR TWITTER WIDGET CODE HERE> on the above HTML code.
Copy the codes you've created then Log in to Tumblr. Click customize appearance then click Edit Html.
Paste the CSS code example:
Paste the HTML code example:
Then click Update Preview, Save, and Close. We're done!! Advance Happy Valentines everyone :)
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