Here are some tips to spread DIY epicurean cheer to your loved ones this festive season 
One of the biggest problems my wife and I face during the festive season is picking out Christmas gifts for friends and family members who seem to always already have every other fancy toy, sexy bag and en vogue accessory out there. The solution we’ve come to depend on over the years is creating food-related gifts that we know our friends will appreciate – and perhaps most importantly – not be able to pick up at any regular mall.

Five or six years back, we assembled some DIY molten chocolate cake kits, each of which contained the popular dessert recipe, metal moulds, chocolate and other dry ingredients, and distributed these as Christmas goodie packs to friends and family. Then three years ago, we compiled several of our favourite simple recipes into a small cookbook, which we self-printed using and gave to our close friends as gifts.

Other great foodie gifts that your loved ones will appreciate can range from simple things such as homemade jars of vanilla sugar or preserved lemons (both really easy to whip up), to more complex creations such as gingerbread houses with self-decorating kits, even homemade duck prosciutto (idea courtesy of a friend who recently generously bestowed it upon us).

The trick we’ve learnt to making these presents really special? Take time to package them beautifully. A pretty handwritten label or gorgeous box can really go a long way in transforming your homemade goodies into an artisanal creation.

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