Endomondo Sports Tracker
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Item Description:
Use your mobile as a free personal coach and training partner. Using the built-in GPS, it tracks your running, cycling, hiking, kayaking, skiing - you name it! As a bonus, you get audio feedback while working out.

App. Features: 
- Track any outdoor sport including duration, distance, speed and calories 
- Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising 
- Get live peptalks from friends 
- they write a short text on the web which is then read out loud to you seconds later 
- Track your heart rate (see Endomondo.com for supported devices) 
- Race against a friend’s time and have the audio coach help you perform better 
- Compete on a specific route nearby and race against the route champion 
- Get instant feedback by tapping your (wired) headset’s media button 
- Enter workouts manually, e.g., weight lifting or a treadmill run 
- View history of workouts and peptalks 
- Set the app to pause automatically when you are not moving 
- Study split times per km or mile 
- See your route on a map 
- See a list of friends and their latest workouts 
- Use Facebook and/or your phone book to hook up with your friends on Endomondo 
- Post workouts to Facebook 
- See your friends' latest workouts in real-time 
- Peptalk friends and comment on their workouts from the app 
- Enable countdown (10, 20 or 40 sec) 
- Get instant feedback by tapping your wired headset’s media button 
- Support for desktop manager media-sync playlists 
- Invite BBM contacts (NEW in v8.6.0) - Share workouts on BBM (NEW in v8.6.0)

With the accompanying free website, www.endomondo.com, you get further analyses, a wide range of social sharing functions (Facebook and Twitter) and the ability to compete against your friends and follow.

Time to free your endorphins!

Note: On phones with OS versions older than 5.0, the auto-pause feature may not be as accurate as expected. In that case, please go to Settings and try adjusting the auto-pause parameters - or disable the feature entirely. Thank you.

NOTE regarding VERIZON: Because of GPS issues, the application is currently not compatible with 8X30 phones running on Verizon.


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