Philippine National Football team member Phil Younghusbandadmits he thinks Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin is "the one" even though they don’t want to put a label on their relationship. 
“I can see Angel in my future,” he told members of the press during the launch of the United Football League (UFL) on January 11, at the Society Lounge in Makati City. “I think she’s the one.”

According to Phil, there’s nothing in particular about theirrelationship that made him feel this way. 

“(It's) just the way our relationship (goes),” he explained. “We just know. For me, we just know. You don’t need any evidence. When we’re together, we feel strongly about each other.”

The 24-year-old football player added, “Being with Angel is special. It feels different. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. And I just know that I want my future as happy as it is now. And I know that will be with Angel.”

Love without labels

Still, Phil says they don’t see the need to put any labels on their relationship. Although the two admit they're in love with each other, neither of has confirmed their relationship's real status.

“We don’t feel the status of our relationship is important. What we feel is important is what we feel for each other and we’re in love and happy and we want to be together,” he shares.

He adds that being in love and constant communication keep them close and their relationshipsecure.

“We talk a lot and we communicate which means we don’t fight,” Phil revealed. “I don’t think we’ve had a problem. We haven’t had a problem.”

That doesn’t mean, of course, that their relationship is boring despite the lack of tension. 

“We’re in love, we’re happy, and it’s not boring. Why would two people want to fight?” he said. “Whenever we have a problem with anything, we discuss it. We’re two very honest and trusting people. We communicate, and that’s how we get through.

Excited for UFL

Phil will play forward for the Loyola-Meralco Sparks in the UFL competitions, which will start this weekend. 

“I’m good. I’m happy. I’m excited for Saturday. I’m excited to play,” he says.

For this first game this season, the Sparks will play against the Green Archers United this Saturday. Will Angel be able to watch the game?

“No. She’s busy shooting. She’s working every day at the moment so she won’t be there."

The UFL League will kick off this Saturday, January 14, 4pm, at the Rizal Memorial Stadium and will be aired live by AKTV on IBC13. 

Source: Yahoo Philippines OMG!

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