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Why am I showing you a picture of two starving guys about to bite into
a gigantic (plastic) cheeseburger?

Two reasons:

1. Reason #1: The handsome chap on the right is none other than one
of my BEST friends, nutrition guru Joel Marion (I'm on the left). Joel's
the nutritional ‘Einstein' that came up with a real, honest-to-goodness,
fool proof plan to help ordinary folks drop 25 lbs in 25 days... no matter
how many times they may have failed at other eating programs in the past.

2. Reason #2: You really CAN eat foods like real gigantic cheeseburgers
on Joel's Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. In fact, eating your favorite foods in large
amounts is a REQUIREMENT for the program. (More on that below.)

While Joel's new system is all about how to lose fat FAST(up to 25 pounds
in 25 days fast), it is NOT a "quick fix", magic-bullet solution.

Instead, it's a highly strategic system that incorporates some rather
advanced strategies like cheat days, fast days, and depletion days
to yield the fastest possible result.

To say this a different way, every day of the program you eat a different
amount of certain foods. Example, on every 5th day you eat whatever
you want. These added calories “trick” your body into increasing its
calorie-burning metabolism. Then the next day you trick your body again
by reducing your calories (while your metabolism is still burning hot) and
burn off a large amount of stored fat at an incredible rate.

Want to learn how to eat like this and control the hormones that are
causing you to stay overweight? If so, visit this link right away...

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Now because Joel and I are great friends I twisted is arm to give you
$30 OFF on the entire system until midnight on Thursday.

And when you order today, he's also giving away a very special bonus
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Now even if you don't plan on getting Joel's program, it's important to
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and what to do about. That alone is worth visiting his web site.

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Make it a GREAT day!
Coach Josh

P.S. Don't forget, you get to eat WHATEVER you want every 5th day (no joke).
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5/1/2012 19:33:59

Is that Joel Marion? He looks different from the pictures on his website. Anyway, I believe in cheat days. They work. I practice them every week. No adverse effects on my weight (I'm on maintenance mode).

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