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SnowBomber Lite


A great way to start the fun and kill those boring times this holiday season, esDot Development Studios
offers us this great game to blackberry users for free. grab them at Blackberry App World today.
Item Description
It's up to you. Evil Fluffs have invaded, blanketing city after city with snow in an effort to make winter permanent. Do you have what it takes to save the world from never ending snow? SnowBomber is a fast paced game that's sure to get your blood pumping. How else will you fend of frostbite? Armed with only your slingshot and your guts, it's up to you to protect us all from being overrun by Fluffs. Angry Birds + Fruit Ninja meets Winter . The result? Gameplay that's simple, fun and totally addicting! 

Source: Blackberry App World

12/30/2011 10:08:06

THX for info

12/30/2011 19:57:54

Our Pleasure!!!
Check out all our BB items for you guys!
Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

1/28/2012 04:50:30

will come back soon

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