Holiday Wishlist


Here are some of our top picks for the most wanted additions to the tech lover’s holiday gift wishlist 

It’s that time of year again. The invariable waiting and hoping for shiny new gadgets, and then perhaps the disappointment, when the big day comes and you open that promising looking gift-wrapped box to reveal, yet again, the dreaded pair of socks/mug/towel set. But hope springs eternal, and whether you’re dreaming up a list to hint to a loved one, or if you’re thinking of playing Tech Santa this year, these are the current most coveted items on any self-respecting tech lover’s wishlist: 
Nikon J1
This camera might just be the perfect gift for your trigger-happy loved ones. Part of the new Nikon 1 System, the Nikon J1 features a compact, portable design in a range of stylish colours. Even though Nikon has developed new imaging sensors and technology for fast and powerful autofocus, the J1 also allows the option of interchangeable lenses when greater flexibility and control are wanted. It can also capture HD video and photos simultaneously, for times when you simply must have both. 

Sony PlayStation Vita
Gamers have been drooling in anticipation since Sony’s new handheld game console was officially unveiled this past summer. The PS Vita packs a punch with its innovative user interface, featuring a beautiful front 5-inch multi-touch organic light emitting diode (OLED) screen and, along with traditional controls, a multi-touch pad on the back, which offers a new immersive style of play that allows users to interact directly with games in 3D-like motion. Online connectivity is baked into the PS Vita through Wi-Fi and optional 3G, while social features allow gamers to connect with one another to play the latest next-generation game titles. 

Amazon Kindle Fire
Although they didn’t start the fire, so to speak, Amazon has released a 7-inch slate to enter the tablet wars. It offers a zippy dual-core processor, full-colour touchscreen and a fast, cloud-enhanced web browser called Amazon Silk. The key strength of the Kindle Fire though is perhaps Amazon itself, with a vast library of streaming movies, songs, apps, games, books, magazines and other digital content readily available at your fingertips. In fact, like the regular Kindle, the Fire comes synced with your Amazon account, so that anything you’ve previously bought and have in your collection would be instantly accessible. 

iPhone 4S
This list would be incomplete without the highly awaited Apple iPhone 4S, which was announced in early October. In design, it’s not much different from its predecessor. Instead, the main differences lie within the svelte handset: a faster processor, 8-megapixel HD-capable camera, and a voice-activated virtual assistant called Siri, which can understand naturally spoken questions to set up reminders, find information and assist with other tasks. With the new iPhone, Apple also launched the iOS 5, the latest significant update of its mobile operating system offering many new refinements, as well as the iCloud, which allows for content such as documents and music to be synced and accessed effortlessly across multiple Apple devices.

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