PercyFX lets you personalize short clips from your favorite movies with custom messages and share them with your friends on BBM, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Use them for messaging, invitations, flirting, and having fun.
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There are lots of movie clips to personalize - movies like … - The Fast & the Furious - Despicable Me - Mean Girls - Hop - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World And classics like …. - The Big Lebowski - Back to the Future - American Pie - King Kong - Sixteen Candles More of your favourite movies and scenes are arriving all the time! Your custom clips download right onto your BlackBerry and you can share them with your friends through BBM, email, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. There are tons of ways to use these fun, customized video clips!

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1/5/2012 11:28:13 pm

Thanks for posting about PercyFX!
We're always uploading new clips to the PercyFX App - so Like us on Facebook to find out what's coming up next.

This week, we're giving away a blue ray dvd in honour of our most popular clip from the film Despicable Me. To win the Despicable Me blue ray, just upload your clips to the PercyFX wall and we'll select our favourite at random!

Thanks for your support!


1/6/2012 03:26:08 pm

It's our pleasure!!! and also thanks for the follow at @EsnoEtrews
We are also very thankful for your post at our facebook page
We'll continue posting your update.
Thanks for making PercyFX, its a very good app :)

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